Toxic Torts

The attorneys of Morgan, Carlo, Downs have demonstrated experience in defending cases involving mold, carbon monoxide, lead paint, and the newest and hottest insect litigation – bed bugs.

Our clients in these areas include: the Community Association of a luxury high-rise residential condominium; contractors involved in the development of luxury hotel; condominium and mixed use buildings involving mold claims; restaurants, hotels, and apartment complexes in carbon monoxide matters; residential property owners and landlords in claims of personal injury from lead paint exposure; hotels, apartments, and pest control companies in bed bug cases; and residential property owners and landlords in defending against claims alleging personal injuries from lead paint exposure.

Our attorneys are well aware of the realities of litigating these types of complex cases in Maryland. Discovery so often entails numerous depositions of fact witnesses and experts, and motions practice in these cases can be rigorous. When it comes to toxic tort type cases, our attorneys are ready with the knowledge and background necessary to obtain the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Obtaining favorable outcomes in mold, carbon monoxide, lead paint, and bed bug claims often depends on retaining the right expert or team of experts. Based on our years of experience in handling these types of complex claims, we know the right expert to use for each particular case. In addition, we are familiar with the experts regularly used and designed by plaintiff’s counsel in Maryland. Through skillful deposition of an opposing party’s expert and diligent motions practice, we know how to cut a claim down to size before trial. When trial comes around, we are never unprepared. We have the seasoned counsel to win at trial and on appeal.

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