Construction claims can be dynamic and are constantly evolving. The attorneys of Morgan, Carlo, Downs have demonstrated experience in defending cases involving building construction, surveying, design, and engineering. Our extensive experience in tort law, contract law, insurance, risk analysis, professional liability, and general liability make Morgan, Carlo, Downs an ideal choice for representation in construction claims.

We have experience representing individuals, small businesses, and large contractors in resolving a variety of disputes involving simple and complex design and technology. We are also familiar with common aspects of complex projects such as government entity regulation and permitting, project scheduling and delays, and professional standards of care. We have established relationships with the experts that are often needed to successfully present a case in this field.

Our extensive trial and appellate experience make our firm an ideal choice to handle all phases of your construction claim. We have also had repeated success in resolving construction claims on summary judgment and through skillful positioning for favorable settlements.

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